Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Girl don't even try going natural okay? it won't look good on you! its nappy! its totally not presentable!  it's ugly! please dont go natural!...

Hello beautiful natural brothers and sisters, so i know i have been away for a while, sorry about that. But i would like to address this issue quickly and briefly.

In case you were wondering, This post is about how most people view natural hair so chill out guys lol . I know some of ya'll were thinking i probably relaxed my hair or something but i still love my natural hair and still haven't relaxed it yet and still wouldn't do so. Don't want non of that nasty, unhealthy chemical on my scalp or in my hair lol..

Natural hair is denser than other kinds of hair, especially the type 4a,b,&c. Natural hair, is hair that has not been altered with chemicals or hot combs or flat iron. Most people have this perception about natural hair that it is ugly and unpresentable. But natural hair is actually beautiful in its on way and unique too! only Africans have this kind of hair. It's beauty radiates even more when you take care of it with good hair products and good hair regimen.

Another thing you need to do is love yourself and your hair just the way you are and just the way it is. Because there is no one like you in this whole crazy world! you are unique! so love yourself and your hair. :)

My next post would be on hair products that you could use to moisturise and care for your kinks! follow me, for those who haven't done so alredy. :*

Meanwhile, feel free to contribute to this post by leaving a comment. thanks! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Dear nappy ladies and gentlemen,
there are a couple of things to consider when you are newly natural, it is advisable to make use of the Internet to search for information that can aid you with managing your hair like YouTube, forums and blogs. there are so many ladies on YouTube and so many videos about natural hair care, styles etc.. when you make your research always remember to double check it because a lot of things people do on their natural hair isn't healthy at all, another thing to put in mind is, what works for some one's hair might not work for your hair, and what works for you might not work for me because we all have different hair types do what works for your hair and try to eat healthy endeavour to go to natural hair meet ups as well so that you can meet nappy people face to face and ask them questions... try sticking to the main things such as:

jodie-African woman (natural hair or nappy hair song)

hello nappy readers,
I was surfing the web some weeks ago when i came across this video of jodie (a Nigerian singer) didn't even know she was  nappy  untill i saw the video! love the music though, its on replay on my playlist.. African woman, where u get that kinky hair? :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nigerian celebrities on natural hair

hello beautiful people,
    its a crazy world out there, a world where Africans are made to believe that their hair isn't pretty enough so they end up investing a lot of money on other people's hair like Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Turkish, Malaysian, chinese, russian,.. make i continue? well bellow are pictures of Nigerian celebrities who rock their natural hair with confidence while looking fab.
Nneka (singer)

Asa (singer) 
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Beauty of the day

The first beauty of the day for this blog goes to Ty Bello. Don't you just love her hair? she inspires me a lot! Gorgeous woman with gorgeous hair.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Afro-textured hair is a term used to refer to the natural texture of black african hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals
       Afro-textured hair grows at an average rate of approximately 256 micrometers per day, while Caucasian hair grows at approximately 396 micrometers per day. In addition, due to 'shrinkage', Afro-textured hair that is a given length when stretched straight can appear much shorter when allowed to naturally coil upon itself. Shrinkage is most evident when Afro-hair is (or has recently been) wet. Afro-textured hair strands can also possess "torsion twists", where the hair strand turns around itself. This can be felt as a permanent crimp. The simplest analogy would be the wringing of a cloth where you turn one side clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. These torsion twists may prevent the hair strands from "clumping" together into curls, instead separating them and allowing them to have a fluffier, more undefined look.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013




Hello nappy sisters, 

this is officially my first post yay! I'm quite excited because it's  something i have bin trying to do for months now and thank God i finally sat on my lazy ass to create a blog where all natural sisters in Nigeria and around the world can get information and updates on how to care for their natural hair. subscribe and follow for updates ladies! lets learn from each other. 

in the main time, below are some natural hair styles
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